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We Are the 0.1% & We’re Beating All Odds

Jun 8, 2023

Written by Kate Kubiak

Vesper Post’s primary focus is creative events and communication strategies focused on raising brand awareness and building relationships. But that isn’t what makes us special. Not entirely. While only 11.5% of creative directors in the US are women, a whopping 78% of event professionals are women. Regardless of the stats, only 0.1% of them make their way to become CEOs or build their own agencies. We proudly represent the 0.1% of creative agencies founded by women. It's an extraordinary accomplishment, considering the underrepresentation of women in leadership positions within the creative marketing industry.

At the root of most events and experiential campaigns is the desire to create connections between people. Meaningful connections can be better guided by diverse leadership teams, encompassing individuals of all genders, to navigate authentically and foster a collaborative environment. We can collectively evolve and redefine the art of gathering. Let's encourage the growth of women in this dynamic industry, empower their entrepreneurial spirits, and pave the path for their ascent into leadership roles.

On a personal note, my journey with Vesper Post began with a deep-seated desire to transform the conversation around corporate event planning. I began my career two decades ago working for small graphic design studios. I eventually made my way into a large organization, but I realized my path to becoming a CEO was not up the corporate ladder. My path took me through five countries and extraordinary opportunities working with diverse groups of people.

I worked with CEO’s of global organizations, founders of startups well on their way to becoming unicorns, and small business owners. As a marketing professional, my goal was to help them build bridges. Bridges to their community and customers. It wasn’t until I started crafting unique corporate events that I began to understand the power of gathering people around a common mission. I focused all my energy on building bridges for others and enabling human connections, and in those moments it made me feel very accomplished. There were also moments when I didn’t feel like I was on the right path. I noticed there weren't many leaders who were focused on building bridges for me, or other women around me. It took many years and many wrong paths to realize I needed to start building my own bridge. That bridge is now Vesper Post. 

I envision a dynamic, inclusive, and innovative approach to event planning, where authentic relationships with clients could thrive. Today, Vesper Post is redefining event planning and is recognized for our creative thinking and seamless execution. As the female founder of an agency with a majority female team, I’ve made it my mission to help my clients connect more authentically with their teams and customers.

At Vesper Post, we embrace the philosophy of human-centered events and creating experiences that foster connection and belonging. Our belief in overcoming challenges has been the foundation of our success. It's a testament to the power of grit, determination, and passion. Any woman, with dedication and a hint of courage, can build a business in a creative field. I encourage you to seek out and support the 0.1% of female founders. Hire them. Invest in them. Promote their good work to others. 



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